Thoughts moving at an amazing pace.. reality slow to follow


Most days I try to read, learn, and share. Today has been a very interesting one as there are a few blog posts that come together in my mind as assurances that the social media industry is progressing at an amazing speed…. Yet I am not convinced “reality” is really moving along as fast as it should to keep up with what the minds are creating.

On one side I find Paul Greenberg writing a very insightful post about VRM/Social CRM and in specific a few of the key insights he shares:

“… a legitimate approach in finding ways to get business and customers to collaborate in a customer controlled business environment.”

I wrote a blog post on VRM a few days ago as well; what I stated then was that:

“… what if the “VRM” went beyond helping me manage more my relationship with my vendors? What if it allowed me to manage my relationship with others that also have relationships with this same vendor due to the same products/services?  What if, as a group, we decided to make ourselves available to address questions for potential customers for that same vendor/product?”

Then I find smoothspan’s blog post on social graph’s and the fact that they haven’t showed its full potential yet; allow me to surface a few snippets here:

“Think of the Social Graph as tracking your relationship status.  It changes constantly”

to reach its full potential your Social Graph has to be connected to every aspect of your web experience

It has to collect data from everything you do on the Internet, and every application you use on the Internet.  Because it will be so intrusive, there is a good chance you may not want to delegate control of it to someone else’s cloud

Sounds to me this is a “curator” moment (or call it a “connecting the dots” moment). Could it be that there is an opportunity for a VRM like service/capability that allows us not only to manage and control our relationship with vendors but also with other humans or entities that group humans?  This service/capability would control, track and allow access to our social graph to those humans or entities as we deem appropriate and also gather data out of that interaction that in turns changes/updates the social graph again.

What amazing relationship management programs and strategies could be developed if such a capability was broadly available (and used) by all of us; imagine the number of connections, interactions and learning opportunities within our control but also extremely beneficial for companies!

OK; so the above is what had me really excited and thinking that the social media industry is progressing at an amazing speed….  Then I find Charlene Li’s post on her experiences with Facebook Beacon and what (in my opinion) is an improper usage of that capability by Overstock..

“I was puzzled why and how this "personal" activity was being associated with my "public" Facebook profile.”

“Facebook Beacon is merely a small piece of script that allows the partner site to put a cookie on your  browser……which then transferred the information to Facebook…. Facebook then checks to see that the same browser is logged into Facebook, and shows the information….”

OK: I guess the above means we have the technology in place to achieve something like the VRM like service/capability that I described above; but we are yet to fully become aware of the ethical and privacy implications and to really put the user in charge of it as we should.. so this is reality not keeping up L .

What are your thoughts on this?

Filiberto Selvas

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3 Responses to Thoughts moving at an amazing pace.. reality slow to follow

  1. Unknown says:

    FilibertoI came to your blog after reading Charlene\’s.My thoughts are, re Charlene\’s experience, is that Facebook is heading in some dangerous territory here.  Because we are talking user experience here.  My relationship with Facebook is based upon my interactions with others and my involvement with groups that are housed there.  I realiz that my activity within the site is monitored and shared.  While I have no objection to this, I also consider this to be part of the \’price\’ to be on the social network.If I\’m shopping at an online store that\’s NOT on Facebook…Amazon, Overstock, etc.,…them my relationship is with that store and that store alone.  I didn\’t purchase a particular product for the purposed of my friends, business colleagues, and casual acquaintances can see what  I\’m choosing to  purchase. Now, I realize that Facebook offers people an opportunity for people to opt out.  Sometimes.  But, again, I believe many will think that many will become offended that the books they just chose to buy are not public info.  What if someone is gay and he or she purchases a book about coming out of the closet.  Now everyone may know.  Or a guy who orders an engagement ring for his girlfriend.  Now she\’ll know.  Or some that has a disease and she orders a book on it.  Now everyone will know what she\’s reading.Facebook should allow companies to build storefronts on Facebook.  Then this thing would make sense.

  2. Filiberto says:

    I agree with your comments; you may be interested in "A Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web" if you haven\’t seen it yet (I just found it myself, couple hours ago)

  3. maria irene says:

    I quite agree with you:NO EASY RECIPE.
    Sometimes I wonder why people push themselves, facing others, in such an arduos way like you did. In my mother tongue we call it "pegar o touro pelos cornos". If you have a south american origin, I\’m sure you know what I mean.
    Best regards
    Irene (VONINOCA)

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